1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours is a collection of early recordings by the American punk rock band Green Day. It was released on July 1, 1991 through Lookout! Records.


Initially released in 1991 through Lookout! Records (despite the 1990 copyright date on the album), the label reissued the album in a remastered form in 2004. It was rereleased on CD on January 9, 2007, by Reprise Records, the label Green Day has been signed to since leaving Lookout!. In Europe, the album was already rereleased by Epitaph Europe, and has remained in print. It was reissued on vinyl on March 24, 2009, by Reprise in a package containing the original 10-song 39/Smooth LP along with reissues of the 1,000 Hours and Slappy EPs. On the 2009 reissues, the song "I Want to Be Alone" is omitted.


All lyrics written by Billie Joe Armstrong, except where noted, all music composed by Green Day.

39/Smooth (1990)

No. Title Length
1. "At the Library" 2:26

"Don't Leave Me"

3. "I Was There" (lyrics written by Kiffmeyer) 3:36
4. "Disappearing Boy" 2:52
5. "Green Day" 3:29
6. "Going to Pasalacqua" 3:30
7. "16" 3:24
8. "Road to Acceptance" 3:35
9. "Rest" 3:05
10. "The Judge's Daughter" 2:34

Slappy EP (1990)

No. Title Length
11. "Paper Lanterns" 2:23
12. "Why do you Want Him?" 2:31
13. "409 in Your Coffeemaker" 2:52
14. "Knowledge" (Operation Ivy cover; lyrics by Jesse Michaels) 2:19

1,000 Hours EP (1989)

No. Title Length
15. "1,000 Hours" 2:25
16. "Dry Ice" 3:45
17. "Only of You" 2:47
18. "The One I Want" (lyrics written by Armstrong and Dirnt) 3:01

No. Title Length
19. "I Want to Be Alone" (from The Big One compilation by Flipside Records, omitted from 2009 reissues) 3:09

Deluxe Version

No. Title Length
20. "Studio Banter" (Interview) 2:56
21. "One for the Razorbacks" (Live from WMMR) 1:25
22. "Paper Lanterns" (Live from WMMR) 1:36
23. "Words I Might Have Ate" (Live from WMMR) 1:46


Additional performers

  • Aaron Cometbus - backing vocals, "teeth" on "Knowledge"


  • Andy Ernst - producer, engineer
  • Green Day - producers
  • John Golden - mastering
  • Susie Grant - front cover photo
  • Jesse Michaels - artwork
  • Pat Hynes - artwork, graphic design, layout design
  • Chris Appelgren; Aaron Cometbus; Rich Gargano; David Hayes - artwork
  • Murray Bowles; Arica Pelino - photography
  • Ted Jensen - remastering
  • John Yates - packaging


  • Writing uncredited on album cover, no lyrics provided.

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