Chroma is the debut studio album by the American band Mt. Eddy. It is due to be released on June 2, 2017 through Uncool Records.


After the band's first EP, Jakob Danger - EP under their original name, Jakob Danger in 2015, the band has made several big changes. The band officially changed their name to Mt. Eddy on February 27, 2017. On May 3 the album's first single, Metaphor was announced to be released on May 12. In a Rolling Stone article on the same day as the song's release, was the announcement of the band's album, Chroma. The tracklist and cover art were revealed in the article. The second single, Working Tite was releaed on May 19.

The album features previous demos that were released on the band's SoundCloud, Jakob Danger. Chroma, Wilshambe and Metaphor were released on the account in 2016. With the band's new addition, bassist Kevin Judd, the group played at 924 Gilman on November 26, 2016. Here they played Song and Fury and Orange for the first time. They also played Chroma, Wilshambe, Metaphor and songs from their previous EP.

Armstrong's older brother, Joey Armstrong is an assistant engineer on the album and owns Uncool Records along with his bandmates from SWMRS.

A month after the album's release, the band went on their Chroma Tour, which lasted throughout July.


Standard Edition
No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Chroma" Jakob Armstrong 8:21
2. "Wilshambe" Jakob Armstrong 3:09
3. "Lovely" Jakob Armstrong 3:23
4. "Working Title" Jakob Armstrong 3:40
5. "Song and Fury" Jakob Armstrong 3:46
6. "Metaphor" Jakob Armstrong 3:31
7. "The Whale Song" Jakob Armstrong 2:25
8. "Leave Me Alone" Jakob Armstrong 3:24
9. "Orange" Jakob Armstrong 3:42
10. "Doze Off" Jakob Armstrong 3:10
Total length: 38:29

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